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Where to stay in Brasília: complete guide to the best areas and hotels

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Asa Sul, Asa Norte, Eixo Monumental, Setor de Clubes, SHN… When choosing where to stay in Brasília, there are so many weird names and acronyms that even if you speak Portuguese, you’ll probably be confused. Even though I’m Brazilian, the first time I was there it took me a while to understand the layout of the city. But everything became clearer when I got the logic that was used for planning the country’s capital.

In case you’re not aware, you should know that Brasilia only became the capital of Brazil in 1960 and was built with that specific purpose. The idea was to move the capital from Rio de Janeiro to a more central location. Its modernist architecture and unique urban planning made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attract people from all over the world.

The city is divided into large sectors and surrounded by the so-called satellite cities, so you need to plan well where to stay in Brasilia to be close to what you’re more interest in.

In this article, I’ll talk you through the divisions of the capital and the best places to stay in Brasília.

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onde ficar em brasília

Where to stay in Brasília: best neighborhoods

The first step is to understand that Brasília is formed by the Plano Piloto (Pilot Plan), which is shaped like an airplane. Quite peculiar, isn’t it? If you look at an aerial photo you will see it clearly.

At the center of the airplane-shaped Plano Piloto there is the Eixo Monumental (Monumental Axis), which is like the city center. That’s where the bus station, Ministries, National Congress, and various local and federal government bodies are located.

Starting from the center you will find the two wings, Asa Sul and Asa Norte (South Wing and North Wing). These are the best areas to stay in the city, which house good hotels, inns, and hostels.

A little further away from the central region are the other administrative regions (formerly called satellite cities), which are small and medium-sized cities located at a distance between 6 and 25 km from the Plano Piloto. Among of the most known are Gama, Taguatinga, Brazilândia, Sobradinho, Planaltina, Núcleo Bandeirante, Ceilândia and Candangolândia.

The Plano Piloto is also divided into areas to facilitate the concentration of companies in the same segment, such as the Commercial Sector, Banking Sector, Residential Areas, among others.

For visitors, the sector that is most relevant is Setor Hoteleiro (Hotels Sector); especially the one in Asa Norte, which has more accommodation options and better infrastructure and is known by the acronym SHN (Setor Hoteleiro Norte).

dicas de hospedagem em Brasília

Where to stay in Brasília in Asa Norte (North Wing)

Asa Norte is a new and well-kept neighborhood. It is quieter and with less traffic in comparison to Asa Sul. The hotels occupy the area closer to the Monumental Axis, as I already mentioned, in the Setor Hoteleiro Norte (North Hotels Sector).

In addition to accommodation, in this area you will find a big mall called Brasília Shopping, several shops and good restaurants. Thus, Asa Norte is considered the best option of where to stay in Brasília, and it was my choice when I visited the Capital.

For those looking for top-notch accommodation, Asa Norte offers many options, such as the Grand Mercure Brasília Eixo Monumental, a 5-star hotel located opposite Brasília Shopping.

Another good choice is BSB Stay Flats Particulares. There, guests can make use of the building’s entire infrastructure, including a restaurant, swimming pools, sauna, gym, and garage.

A more affordable option in Asa Norte is Hotel Asa Norte, which offers simple but comfortable accommodation in a great location. Another well-located and economical option is Joy Hostel, with shared and private rooms. It is close to the Eixo Monumental and the city’s main attractions.

Where to stay in Brasília in Asa Sul (South Wing)

Asa Sul was the first area to be occupied in Brasília and the Setor Hoteleiro Sul, or South Hotel Sector (SHS) is mixed with the Setor Comercial Sul, or South Commercial Sector (SCS). This makes the region very busy during business hours. However, at night the streets are empty and some might not be so safe.

The Setor Hoteleiro Sul even has a metro station, called Galeria. During the day you can use public transport there, but at night it is better to use Uber and such.

Most accommodations there are simpler and older. But there are quite a few exceptions, including luxurious hotels like the Windsor Plaza Brasília, a 5-star accommodation with a swimming pool, restaurant, and gym.

However, the highlight in accommodation in the region is the Brasil 21 Complex, which provides guests with a very diverse offer of services, leisure, gastronomy and a business center, all in the same space.

Another option is to stay in equipped apartments, such as the ones in Boulevard Antares, with a bedroom and kitchen. It is close to the Brasília Football Stadium and the Complexo Cultural da República (Cultural Complex of the Republic).

It’s also worth checking out KzaZendf Cama e Café Asa Sul, which has single rooms and simple suites, but with a privileged location in the central area.

catedral de brasília

Where to stay in Vila Planalto

Vila Planalto is a neighborhood located between Palácio do Planalto and Palácio Alvorada, which are, respectively, the place of work and residence of the President of Brazil.

The area is near the North Hotels and Tourism Sector and has a rich historical heritage. It is also known as the gastronomic hub of Brasília, with many restaurant options.

Vila Planalto might be a good place for you to stay in Brasília, but keep in mind that it is a residential and commercial area, with a “small city” feel and without the modernist touches that are characteristic of the capital. As it is located in Plano Piloto, in just a few minutes it is possible to reach the city’s main tourist attractions.

There you will find simple hotels like the Hotel Vila Planalto, which is worth considering if you’re looking for where to stay in Brasília for cheap. It is located about 1.5 km from Praça dos Três Poderes.

Nearby, Pousada Vitória da Vila offers different types of accommodation, such as suites, family rooms and shared rooms, and has excellent reviews from previous guests.

Hotels near Brasilia airport

Brasília International Airport (Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek) is about 13 km from the center of Plano Piloto, relatively close to the South Wing (Asa Sul).

If you are looking for a place to stay in Brasília close to the airport, the ibis Styles Brasília Aeroporto is a good choice, just 800 meters away.

Near the airport, in the satellite cities Núcleo Bandeirante and Candangolândia, there is also a large accommodation hub, with simpler and more affordable options.

One example is the Hotel MM Aeroporto Brasília, located in Núcleo Bandeirantes, approximately 6 km from the airport. The hotel has breakfast included in the rate and is good value for money.

By staying in this region you will be close to the Brasília Interstate Bus Station, the Brasília Zoo and other satellite cities, such as Guará and Águas Claras.

Still haven’t decided on where to stay in Brasília? See all the accommodation options available on and check the updated prices for the dates of your trip.

dicas de onde ficar em brasília

Free accommodation in Brasilia

How about staying in Brasília without paying for accommodation? This is possible if you choose to do a work exchange via Worldpackers. This platform was created to facilitate the exchange between hosts who need help in their businesses or projects and travelers who want to collaborate in exchange for accommodation and other perks, such as meals and tours.

In addition to not paying for accommodation, you get to meet people from different parts of the world, learn new things and experience a cultural immersion as if you were a resident of the place. I’ve done several trips as a Worldpackers volunteer and it’s been awesome!  There are many volunteering vacancies in Brasília.

You can check out the positions and save them to your wish list for free, but to be able to apply for jobs and talk to hosts, you need to pay an annual fee. Currently, the cost is 49 USD per year, or 39 USD if you click here or use the discount coupon JANELASABERTAS.

If you want more information, read our full article on how to do a work exchange.

Article written by Rafaela Beatriz, contributor to the blog Janelas Abertas.

Disclaimer: if you book your stay through the links in this article, I earn a small commission that allows me to bring more and more content (and you don’t pay anything extra). Transparency is a core value here.

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